Windows 10 free download OS 64/32 bit Pro/Enterprise


What is Operating System?

Microsoft Windows 10 Free Download is developed by Microsoft.

An Operating System is a set of programs that manages all computer components and operations.

It manages all operations on the computer after loading in memory.

Significance of operating System:

A computer cannot do anything without operating system. Operating system must be installed on every computer.

Function of Windows 10 OS:

When a computer is turned on, the operating system runs and checks all parts of the computer are functioning properly.

It manages all operations on the computer after loading in memory.

The Operating system acts as an interface between the computer user. The users interact with computer through operating system.

What is windows OS?

Windows Operating System is the most widely used OS, developed by Microsoft.

It uses graphical user Interface (GUI). Some important versions of Windows OS are:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Each version of windows added some new features.

MS Windows 10 Free Download

Microsoft Windows 10 Free Download is developed by Microsoft.

Especially for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and many other devices related to the internet.

Microsoft Windows 10 download Free is the most recent OS.

It is the successor to MS Windows 8.1. Windows 10 was released in July 29,2015.

It is the fastest and most efficient Operating System.

It provides better security and improved graphical capabilities.

The company has said it will update MS Windows 10 in everlasting rather than release a new, operating system as a successor.

Features of Windows 10 Free Download

Start menu

  • Windows 10 has a more traditional Start menu to launch applications as compared to windows 8.
  • It’s also been expanded to make it easier to find important apps.
start menu of windows 10

Microsoft Edge

  • It is designed in such a way that window’s users can enjoy a better experience on the web.
  • It is faster, efficient, more secure and having numbers of new features.
  • Microsoft Edge is a new web browser with an intrective look.


  • Cortona is simply a virtual assistant and she helps you to get the thing done.
  • It is similar to Siri and Google assistant. Cortona works quickly with more accuracy.

Here are some actions that Cortana can perform for you:

  • Reminds you events based on time, places, or people.
  • Track packages, teams, interests, and flights.
  • Send emails and texts.
  • Keep u update managing your calendar.
  • Create and manage lists.
  • Chit chat and play games.
  • Find facts, files, places, and info.
  • Open any app on your system.

Multiple desktops and Task view

  • MS Windows has introduced the concept of Virtual Desktop and Task View.
  • Virtual desktop has reduced the complexity to keep the things on the same desktop.
  • You can move some of your windows to virtual desktop.
  • Task View feature has ability to makes it easy to manage all of your open windows.

Windows 10 Action Center

  • The latest Action Center is pretty different from previous versions of Windows.
  • You can access easily action centers, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and tablet mode.
  • It’s also where you’ll see important notifications about any update or task completion.

Tablet mode in windows 10

  • Tablet mode is totally different from desktop mode.
  • By default, you were using desktop mode.
  • You can turn into tablet mode if your computer has a touchscreen.
  • You can also switch back to desktop mode if you are using tablet mode.


Windows Defender Smart Screen

The Windows Defender Smart Screen has ability to “block at first sight,” according to Microsoft.

It stops the employees to download potentially malicious files from the sites reported as malware etc.

window defender for windows os

Windows Defender can also help to secure against dummy advertisements, scam sites, and drive-by attacks.

It has multiple layers of defense in anti-phishing and malware protection strategies.

Windows Defender Application Guard

It provides protection against advanced, targeted threats launched against Microsoft Edge by using Hyper- V virtualization.

User Account Control

User Account Control (UAC) secures users by preventing malware from damaging a machine.

Due to this feature apps and tasks always run in security context of a non-administration account.

Windows Defender Device Guard

Defender Device Guard involves driver and application white-listing.

Where apps are trusted unless blocked by antivirus.

Then this feature changes from a mode to a mode where the OS trusts only apps authorized by an enterprise.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard

It provides inheritance app protection, network protection and controlled folder access.

It also provides app protection consisting arbitrary code guard and blocking untrusted fonts.

Microsoft windows Bit locker

Bit locker is a full-drive encryption solution.

Already built-in Windows 10 free download Professional /Enterprises.

Windows Defender Credential Guard

It can isolate secrets, by using virtualization- based security.

This feature provides better hardware security and protection against persistent threats.

System Requirements for Windows 10 Free Download

  • CPU: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor
  • RAM: 1 (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GigaByte for 64-bit
  • HDD/SSD: 16 GigaByte for 32-bit OS 20 GigaByte for 64-bit OS
  • GC(graphics card): DirectX 9
  • Screen/Display: 800×600 px

Technical Setup Details of Windows 10 Free Download

  • File name: WINDOWS 10 OS 64bit 32bit ISO
  • File size: 6.07 GB
  • 32bit/64bit
  • versions:Pro/Home/Enterprise
  • File type: ISO

How is Microsoft Windows 10 different from other versions?

Most users complained that Windows 8, was confusing and difficult to use.

As a result, Windows 10 looks and feels similar to older versions.

Still, it includes a lot of new features and improvements.

Why Windows 10 Free Download?

Because of Windows 10 free download is a suite consisting of three versions.

Windows 10(Professional, Pro, Enterprises) in a single setup.

It facilitate to their user with all updates that are available in paid version.

This setup of windows 10 download free is suitable for both 64 and 32 bits operating system.


I consider this is the best operating system to work in a professional field.

I personally used windows 10 Free Download and had an awesome experience.

It works with more accuracy and efficiently than previous versions of Windows OS. 

I totally recommended windows 10 free download.

The main reason of my positive recommendation is that it has spotless record of working and well organized user friendly interface.

Windows 10 Free Download

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