Windows 10 free download 1903 latest update 64-bit


What is the operating system?

An operating system is a package of different software. It manages computer hardware and software. It provides common services for computer programs. Basically, It is system software that looks after the hardware and software resources of the computer system. There are many operating systems available in the market. i.e. Unix, BSD, Linux, macOS, etc. Similarly, Microsoft Windows is also an operating system that is used in many devices. Windows 10 free is the latest version of Microsoft Windows OS.

window 10 activated
window 10 activated

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows operating system was announced by Bill Gates on November 10, 1983. Basically, Microsoft introduced Windows as a graphical user interface (GUI) for MS-DOS. A family of Microsoft Windows is introduced to the market.

Family of Microsoft Windows

There is a list of Microsoft Windows versions. These versions come with many different updates. A few of them are as follows

Windows 1.x, Windows 2.x, Windows 3.x, Windows NT 4.0. In addition to these, Windows 98, Windows 98, Windows 2000. and the remaining are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

About Windows 10 free

To begin with, Windows 10 free is a successor of the 8.1 version. It comes with a library of advanced features. These features ensure the smooth working of the system. Being the latest version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 10 free is the most reliable operating system. It significantly provides its users with a complete smooth working environment.

Features of Windows 10 free

Windows 10 is becoming the most wanted operating system of many users because of its huge library of advanced features. Let’s give a look to them

features of window 10
  • User interface
  • Multi-desktop
  • Multimedia and gaming
  • Cortana integration
  • Unified settings and control panel
  • Improved multitasking
  • Xbox app
  • Improved HDR support
  • Microsoft Edge improvement
  • Action center
  • Tablet mode
  • System security feature

Detailed view of Windows 10 free version

A thorough view of Windows 10 free is given below. Have a look once and I can bet that you’re going to love it for sure:

  • User interface

Firstly, Windows 10 free gives its user a very user-friendly interface. Everyone can use this version of Windows without any extra professional skills. Because everything is just so clear and easy to use. So, this feature of Microsoft Windows 10 is making it more popular among other OS.

  • Multi desktop

Secondly, it provides the facility of multi-desktop to allow users to work on more than one desktop. In Windows 10, you can add a seemingly unlimited number of virtual desktops quickly and easily. You can drag and drop the programs between different screens. Although you can’t change the wallpaper for individual desktop yet you can get an advantage from this feature in many other ways.

  • Multimedia and gaming

Multimedia and gaming is another important feature of Windows 10. This feature gives improved and latest environment for entertainment purposes. Using multimedia, users can enjoy a brand new experience of multimedia. The gaming corner of Windows 10 is also an amazing option to enjoy your time.

  • Cortana integration

Most importantly, Cortana is another jaw-dropping feature of Windows 10.  Now with Cortana integration, you can save time and stay organized. It is basically a virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10. Cortana helps by adding your reminders and tasks to your lists in Microsoft To-Do. So, you can stay at the top of what matters most.

Extended features are

  • Unified settings and control panel

In addition to the above, Windows 10 provides its users with a feature of unified settings/control panel. It is clear that Microsoft is trying to phase out the control panel. And replace it with the prettier, touch-friendly Windows 10 setting menu. With each new release of Windows Microsoft has made attempts to make UI\UX for devices more powerful than it used to be before. In short, Windows 10 could be more intuitive by striving for a single dashboard to replace all control panels and settings from the previous version of Windows.

  • Improved multitasking

Furthermore, improved multitasking allows the users to use the full energy of the OS. That is to say, a user can now work on more than one project at the same time. A user can work with more than one program at a time. So, you can now work faster than ever before.

  • Xbox app

When it comes to entertainment, Microsoft Windows 10 focus every detail about it. Xbox app is one of the examples that Windows 10 is not compromising the need for entertainment of the users. Find games you already love or the new ones with Xbox Windows 10. These games will surely be your new favorites

  • Improved HDR support

Additionally, with Windows HD color in Windows 10, you can get the most out of your high dynamic range TV or PC. When you connect to your HDR10- cable TV or display to a Windows 10 PC that supports HDR and wide color gamut (WCG). Then you will get a brighter, more vibrant and more detailed picture as compared to the SDR display.

More Added features are

  • Microsoft Edge improvement

Moreover, there is an improved Microsoft edge to help you forget internet explorer. Firstly, it provides a competitive speed of searching for its users. Secondly, users can scrawl over the WebPages. Microsoft Edge has a perfect integration with Windows 10.

  • Action center

New in Windows 10 is the action center. It is basically a unified space for all system notifications and quick access to many settings. It lives in a slide-out panel that appears at the press of an icon in the taskbar. In short, it is a nice addition to Windows 10 and it’s plenty customizable.

  • Tablet mode

Tablet mode is a new feature provided by Windows 10. It displays the tiled start screen and virtual keyboard. It allows the users to change the system interface, whenever the tablet is detached from the base or dock. When tablet mode activates, the start menu goes full screen. So, it’s fun working with tablet mode in Windows 10.

System security feature of Windows 10 free

security features of window 10

Windows 10 ensures the system security of the device on which it is working. It delivers comprehensive, built in ongoing security protections. Through its updating system, users will get the latest and new security enhancements to help ensure you are always protected.

The 7 security features that can guard your PC against cyber attacks are as follows

Window defender smart screen

According to Microsoft, the Windows Defender Smart Screen can block at first sight. It helps protect employees if they try to visit sites that are previously reported as containing phishing or malware. It is one of the multiple layers of defense in anti-phishing or malware protection strategies.

Windows Defender Application Guard

Application Guard offers protection against advanced, targeted threats against Microsoft Edge using Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology. Users can mark trusted sites easily. If the site is not trusted the guard will open it in the container and the whole process starts to ensure the protection against malware.

User Account Control (UAC)

User Account Control protects the computer by preventing malware from damaging the machine. Moreover, it helps the organizations to set up a better-managed desktop.

Windows Defender Device Guard

Windows Defender Device Guard involves the application and drivers whitelisting. This feature operates on the mode where OS trusts only the apps by an enterprise.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard

Basically, it includes exploiting protection, attack surface reduction rules, network protection, and controlled folder access. It also provides legacy app protection

Microsoft Bitlocker

Significantly, it is a full drive encryption solution provided natively within Windows 10 professional and enterprise. It mitigates unauthorized data access by enhancing files and system protection. It renders data inaccessible if the computers are decommissioned or recycled.

Windows Defender Credential Guard

Defender Credential Guard uses virtualization-based security to isolate secrets. So that only privileged system software can access them. Thus, it protects them from credential theft attacks.

Why windows 10 free?

Being the latest version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 10 has proved to be the best operating system. Its all new features have made it a need of the day. It is fun working with this improved version. Its advanced features are just amazing. So, it is fun trying those all features. That’ s why you should go for Microsoft Windows 10.

window 10 activated


Being the latest version of Windows operation systems, Windows 10 has proved to be the best option. Because It ensures a smooth environment for working. A whole lot of features adds to the brilliance of the OS. It is definitely a very effective operation system as compared to others. It is giving its level best to satisfy its users. So, that’s why it has become the most demanded OS nowadays.

System requirements for Windows 10 free

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or Soc.

RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit.

 Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS.

Graphics card: direct 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.

Display: 800×600.

Technical setup information of Windows 10 free

Filename: scrosoft.com_win_10_vl_aio_1903_May_2019_x64.iso

File size: 3.78 GB

Versions: PRO/Home/Enterprise

File type: ISO

Author’s review

I’ve been using Windows 10 for a few months back and I just want to say that I’m more than satisfied by this product of Microsoft. A lot of features make it easier to use. Moreover many new features improve the working environment of the PC. To sum up I just want to say that, everyone is given a chance to improve, So, Microsoft Windows 10 just availed this chance and get ahead of the game! You just go and download it for free right now.

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