Total Video Converter Download V 7.31 for free


Total Video Converter Download V 7.31 for free

What is a video converter?

Total Video Converter is a powerful video transcoding software. Used to convert videos in other formats.

Video converters are used to transcode a video or make it playable on the other devices.

used to convert your video in other formats. Video converters are used when you have to transcode a video or make it useful on the other devices.

Let’s take an example: You have a video of HD quality you want to play it on your mobile or any device but your device do not support that format or the file do not play because of its high resolution.

You can easily convert or transcode it into other formats. And it will supported by your device, and easily on it without any interruption.

installation process of total video converter

Total Video Converter Overview

According to my experience, this software is the best video transcoding software. It contains all formats of both audio and video.

This software also comes with the burning feature which means it can burn/Write data on your DVD’s CDs etc.

It comes with a fully functioned working software.

The software can convert a large media file into small mobile devices.

It can convert videos and audios into (mp4, Avi, 3gp, wav and many more).

Specifications of Total video converter

The size of this software is not so big but the duty of this software worth.

Size: 15-16MB

version: 3.71

Developer: effectmatrix

Features of TVC

User friendly interface:

The interface of this software is user-friendly. it simply consists of some buttons or icons. Which make its interface easy and simple.

Photo slide show:

This feature allows us to create the slide show of Images. We can easily do within some clicks.

Burn DVD/CDs:

Burning is a process of writing data on storage devices. The term burning used for only DVDs/CDs. We use the term bootable to make our USB bootable. If you want to make a USB bootable for free check the power iso software on our site.

Importing and Exporting:

Import means to enter some data and exporting means to get some data or result. This feature helps you to import and export your files to your files into Total media Converter and after processing export it to storage.

this is the screenshoot of total video converter

Functions of

  • convert all videos
  • Edit videos
  • Burn AVCHD, Blue-ray files
  • Burn DVD/CDs/VCD
  • Record Desktop
  • Play all videos
  • Create a slide show

Supported formats of Total Video Converter

  • MPEG4 .mp4
  • Support DirectX 9 converted videos
  • .3gp, 3g2
  • GIF(.gif)
  • CD audio (.cda) 
  • MPEG audio (.mp3, mp2) 
  • Ms WAV (.wav) 
  • Ms WMA (.wma) 
  • Real Audio (.ra) 
  • OGG (.ogg) 
  • Amr audio (.amr) 
  • AC3 (.ac3) 
  • SUN AU format (.au)


Total video converter is a transcoding software. You can convert your high quality videos or files in other formats. There is a large number of video encoding formats in Total video converter. You can Easily convert any video.

I also used this software personally. Its interface is simple and easy to understand.

kindly leave your comments about this software.

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