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Oracle Database 10 g download

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition is a freeware version of an immensely popular database creator. It is significantly quick to download and easy to use. The application itself has been released by Oracle. Oracle is basically a well-known company that created PHP, Java and .NET programming languages. This especially dedicated application is certainly very useful for those who work with databases on a daily basis. so, Oracle 10g download is a member of the Oracle products family.

Why to download Oracle 10g?

Oracle Database 10g download is as user-friendly as it is versatile. This app is designed to meet the needs of both experienced users and a total newbie. Oracle database supports to import MS SQL, MS Access, Excel, CSV, XML, or other formats to Oracle. By using this program you are able to develop applications with a tool. That is not only as powerful as it but also can be integrated with many other solutions. It creates an even more useful ultimate set for both professional admin and beginners. Oracle 10g download uses only up to 1 GB of RAM memory. User data is bound not to exceed 4 GB.

Features of Oracle 10g download

Oracle Database 10g download comes with a lot of features. It proves to be a miracle for those who use database daily. Some of the features of Oracle database 10g express edition free download are listed below:

  • Application development
  • Availability
  • Business intelligence
  • Clustering
  • Storage management
  • Database overall
  • Database security
  • Grid computing
  • Enhanced data guard infrastructure
  • Server manageability

Details about Oracle 10g download

Now let’s try to get a deep understanding of the very app. Here are some details for you to explore Oracle 10g free download

Application development

This section covers all the details about application development tool for the Oracle database 10g download

Application Program Interface (API) and Precompilers

This feature provides API and functionality improvements to enable ISVs and developers. Through this, users can build more powerful applications with higher levels of availability.

Oracle open database connectivity (ODBC) Driver support for Linux

Secondly, this support has been added to the Oracle ODBC driver for the Linux platform. Now, the ODBC app can be developed and used on Linux with an Oracle-supported ODBC driver. This support enables the ODBC app to run on the Linux platform. So, It encourages wider Oracle database adoption by allowing Linux clients to access Oracle Database.

Oracle call interface (OCI) client version API

Thirdly, this feature adds the client versioning macros to support version sense. This allows the app to be compiled for multiple versions of the Oracle client. This leads to the easier development of products with customizations based on versions.

Startup and shut down of database OCI API

This feature additionally adds API calls for starting and stopping a database from inside an app. So, this enables ISVs and testers to start up and shut down databases without using SQL *plus or other tools. This feature basically streamlines the testing process of app developers.

Business intelligence

Oracle 10g free downloads continue with concentrating on key requirements of the business intelligence and data warehouse areas. As well as it introduces new features for better support for bioinformatics customers. This release contains specific improvements for bioinformatics customers.

Some other features of oracle 10g download


Oracle 10g continues to address the key requirements in providing reliable processing power on a cluster of machines. Oracle Real Application Cluster is an option in this version. It basically introduces a new service framework. Oracle Database 10g download allows the administrators to configure, manage and monitor application workload. It also manages how to provide these services continuously.

Storage management

Moreover, this release adds several features that simplify the management of database storage. It also makes it flexible and automated. The very well known feature is Automatic storage management (ASM). It Is not only a vertically integrated volume manager but also a file system built for Oracle data files.

Database overall

Oracle 10g free download is a complete package of all the features needed for the database. It contains all the necessary required features in the database. So, it is a complete database platform that can be used on a daily basis.

Database security

Additionally, Oracle 10g download offers up-to-date database security features. Content in the database is completely secured and protected. So there is no need to worry about database security is you are using Oracle 10g.

Some other improvements are

Grid computing

Oracle 10g download is a database for grid computing. It basically enables the organization to reduce the cost of resources. So, it makes their efficient use and quickly copes with changing business needs. It efficiently manages workload in the grid movement. This release provides the feature to virtualized and dynamically provision on-demand resources.

Enhanced Oracle data guard infrastructure

It is actually a strong feature for database high-availability. It support stand by a database. This feature has been improved to a great extent. A new real-time stand by an apply capability is provided. It ensures the stand by the database is in closed synchronization with the production system. This new feature also supports zero-downtime instantiation. It also supports easier data loss operations to stand by databases using SQL.

Server manageability

Oracle 10g download has significantly reduced the management cost of deploying and maintaining Oracle-based solutions. Administrators have to be aware of only a small number of basic initialization parameters. So, they can use to configure and tune the database environment.

How to initially set up your Oracle database 10g express edition?

  • Run setup through the .exe file. While installing, setup will ask to set a password which you have to remember for further steps.
  • After installation, click on the desktop icon “Get started with Oracle Database t0g express edition”
  • Now it will open a browser where you will see username and password. Here in the username, you have to type system and in password, u have to type the password which you gave while installation. Now you are good to go!
  • However, if you reopen the desktop icon, it shows the “how to get started guide”. So, for opening the actual app you have to go to the database homepage which you can find easily by following these steps:
  • Right-click the desktop database icon
  • Go to properties
  • Then go to file location
  • Here you can find a file named “database homepage”
  • By opening this you can again log in to your database
  • For convenience, you can also create a shortcut on the desktop


Over many years, Oracle has made tremendous improvements in its core database product. Oracle Database 10g free download is also one of these improvements. With the introduction of Oracle Database 10g, DBAs will have their hand one of the most profound new releases ever from Oracle. Oracle Database 10g download has many new tools that help DBAs work more efficiently. Oracle 10g express edition download frees the DBAs for more strategic, creative endeavors. So, that’s why Oracle database 10g download is really a big deal for DBAs

Technical information

File size: 233 MB

License: freeware

Developer: PostgreSQL community

Category: networking software

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Authors review

Oracle Database 10g is actually a market leader. I’ve been using Oracle database 10g for a while now. I got a wonderful experience using it. It is actually a miracle in the world of the database. It not only provides the basic features of the database but also offers many added features to enhance the working experience. So, I advocate Oracle 10g for your DBAs for it is a spectacular tool for your database environment. So, don’t waste your time trying different tools just go for this one and you are surely going to love working with it!

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