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What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is basically a process of retrieving corrupted or lost data. In this process, the accidentally lost data is recovered and retained using backup software. Recovery may be required because of physical damage or can be logically lost. Due to these threats, the data stored on the device is insecure. Some major causes of data loss are a failure of the operating system, damage of any storage device, logical damage of storage devices, etc. In addition to these, accidental deletion is also the most important cause of data failure that can lead to severe data loss. The iSkysoft toolbox is one of those apps that are playing a major role in the recovery of data.

However, many apps are now available in the market that can recover data in no time. With these efficient apps, the data recovery process is very fast. So, now there is no need to worry about data recovery after a major loss of important data.

 Iskysoft toolbox

An iSkysoft toolbox is an amazing tool. It is designed for different issues with Android and iOS devices. The core theme of this very software is to let the users enjoy the ease of life brought by mobile phone without being worried about the loss. An iSkysoft toolbox is basically a one-stop tool of handling Android or Apple phones. This software is in-line with different pursuits. It is more stable, mature and authoritative. Significantly, its integrated design is all that it makes it more demanded software for data recovery.

front layout of iskysoft
home screen of iskysoft

Features of the iskysoft toolbox for Android

The vibrant features of the iSkysoft toolbox for Android are too much to merge here. So, let’s have a view :

  • One-stop transfer
  • Switch b/w iPhone and Android
  • Backup and restore
  • Recover
  • Unlock
  • Erase
  • Screen recorder

Detailed view of features

One-stop transfer

Firstly, the iSkysoft toolbox is a one-stop transfer solution for the transfer of photos, music, videos, contacts, messages between Android and the computer. Now you can import/export, or delete media individually or in a bulk. It is easy to transfer a media file between the Android and iTunes library.

Switch b/w Android and iPhone

Now with the help of iSkysoft toolbox, one-click phone to phone transfer has become very easy and fast. Moreover, everyone can share media between iOS and Android. This very software is fully compatible with iOS 12 and Android 8.0.

share files via iskysoft
switch between multiple phones

Backup and restore

Thirdly, it gives a single click backup and restores Android data. It can efficiently restore the iCloud backup to Android phones. You can easily view and browse iCloud backup. It can also restore iTunes backup to Android phone selectively. And all this is done without overwriting the already existing data.

More added features


In addition to the above, it is a one-stop solution to recover data that has been lost. Now you cannot only recover all your media from SD card but also from Android internal storage. Most importantly, it can also extract data from Samsung phones even when it is broken and become inaccessible.

recover your phone with toolbox
recover your phone with toolbox

Unlock the screen lock

Iskysoft toolbox download gives the opportunity to remove the Android lock screen without damaging any data present in the phone. Now there is no need to worry about forgotten pins and passwords. You can easily remove Android PIN, password, pattern and fingerprint locks. Now you don’t need any technical skills to unlock the iPhone and iPad in only a few minutes.


Furthermore, it can also wipe Android phones completely. It is 100% non-recoverable if once removed. The iSkysoft toolbox can erase everything from Android devices with a military-grade wiping algorithm. It also supports to remove all Android devices. It is fully compatible with Android 8.0.

Screen recorder

This is another handy option by the iSkysoft toolbox. This feature is basically to cast your phone’s screen on your PC and record it. Moreover, you can choose options for a video feed. Furthermore, using this tool you can also control your phones from your computer by the help of the mouse. You can also type using the keyboard. It also gives the opportunity to take screenshots and record the screen.

Is iSkysoft toolbox free?

 iSkysoft Toolbox for windows is not free to download. It is basically a paid software. But now you can get this app for free and enjoy the jaw-dropping features of this very app. Moreover, its free of cost availability has made it more demanded software for the purpose of recovery. There are a lot of data recovery apps out there in the wild which can save in the times of such a dilemma. But iSkysoft toolbox Android data recovery can beat the rest with so many advanced features. 

toolbox repair section
repair your phone

Briefings about iSkysoft toolbox download

Iskysoft toolbox for Android exhibits almost every single option that it has to offer on the first screen. So, there is no confusion about the amazing features and options available in the software. Also, the user interface is very simple, neat and clean. Hovering on the specific tools displays a small detail about them.  The software does not show this but you have to enable USB debugging mode on the device. This mode is available in the developer option of your phones. Before using this software, make sure that your device has all device drivers installed in it.

Wind up

In a nutshell, everyone should try this magical tool for once. Other than recover and backup features, it also provides its users with lots of handy tools like a screen recorder and SIM lock removal tool. The rooting feature enables the users to get privileges on the device. This feature allows them to erase bloatware and also ensures the installation of custom ROMs.

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Technical details

Filename: iSkysoft toolbox-Recover (iOS)

Setup size: 967 KB

Website: iskysoft

Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit

License: free trial

Author’s review about toolbox

To be honest, this very software is a great tool for anyone who is looking for software to recover lost data due to any reason. It can also get you out of a tight spot if even a little of your important data is missing. It is now a very quick process to find your content with a wizard-like interface that guides you through the process. So, if you are also one of those who are worried about their data loss, the iSkysoft toolbox is good news for you all. You just go and download this software and get rid of all your insecurities right now!

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