HandBrake Video Converter for Windows OS


What is HandBrake Video Converter?

HandBrake Video Converter is one of the most widely used tools that allows users to convert video files into a wide variety of different formats. It is useful open-source software that converts DVDs to MPEG for free. It helps to rip and convert videos files to work on the number of supported devices

Due to HandBrake Video converter you can, you can transcode any DVD, video to MP4 or MKV file format with MPEG-4, H.264, or Theora encoded.

Overview of HandBrake Video Converter      

Handbrake video converter is an open-source tool that is famous for its video conversion, decoding and encoding capabilities. It made possible to convert video from any format to a plethora of widely supported and up-to-date codecs. It is a GPL-licensed, multiplatform and multi-threaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter. That is available for Windows and Mac Operating System.

It offers a “simple, easy and fast” service as well as high-quality conversions. Overall, the latest version of HandBrake video converter provides a straightforward and results-driven approach. It has the ability to process most common multimedia files and any DVD. As well as, BluRay sources that do not contain any kind of copy protection.

handbrake video compressor interface

Pros and Cons


  • Open source
  • It can process Bule-Ray.
  • Rich customization options.
  • Advance control such as setting the width, height, codec, framerate, etc. according to the user.


  • Handbrake can be difficult for a beginner to use because all the advanced settings can confuse the user.
  • The Graphical User Interface is not so easy.

Features of HandBrake Video Converter


  • It makes possible the transcoding of multiple videos files into different formats.
  • Firstly, you have to add all the video files to a queue and start the queue.
  • The videos will be transcoded according to the settings and preset that you have selected for each video.


  • You can add your own subtitles to any video.
  • Moreover, you can import an STR file if have, it is a file that contains subtitles.

Add Audio Tracks

  • It allows the users to add an audio track to any video.
  • It permits to add multiple audio tracks to a video.
  • You can name the audio track according to your own desire.
  • It has multiple advanced options such as selecting the audio codec, setting the bitrate and etc.

Create chapters

  • Due to HandBrake Video Converter, you can add a chapter to your videos.
  • You can play the video directly from a specific position as you manage in the chapters.
  • It can be really useful when you have a video that contains multiple sections in it.
handbrake video compressor interface

Advance Video Options

  • There are many advance setting options to convert video in video Tab.
  • They contain the video code (like H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4), video quality, framerate, bitrate and optimize the video.
  • You can select a constant framerate as well as the quality of the converted video.
  • You can also set the bitrate which is the quality of the audio, it can also affect the size of the converted video.
  • Moreover, you can set the width and height of the video by using the Picture Tab.
  • As well as, you can crop the video by selecting the area according to your own requirements.


  • There is a well-organized list of devices with their presets.
  • You can select your desired device such as iPod, iPad, AppleTV, Android Tablet, etc.
  • In short, you can covert the video according to your own choice depending on the type of your device.

Short Overview of Key features

  • Title and chapter selection.
  • Subtitle support ( SSA, SRT, VobSub Closed Captions CCEA-608 ).
  • Integrated bitrate calculator.
  • Live static and video preview.
  • Picture DE interlacing, cropping and scaling.
  • Video filters and Grayscale encoding.
  • Support for VFR and CFR.

Technical Setup Details of Handbrake video converter

  • Filename: HandBrake-1.2.2-x86_64-Win_GUI
  • Size: 12.76MB

Why HandBrake Video converter?

Because it facilitates the users with the most comprehensive and latest technology to convert their videos in multiple formats. It introduces the user with multiple languages. As there are many open- source tools that are enjoying a certain degree of popularity. But HandBrake video converter is the best tool over the other tools due to its unique set of features.


In short, we can say that HandBrake Video converter is the best tool to deal with video content. The work of video conversion is no more a difficult task with the HandBrake. Because it makes the conversion of video files simple as well as quick.

Author’s Review

I personally use HandBrake video converter and had an amazing experience. I have used many other video converter tools. But HandBrake is the only software that met the desired requirement of the users.

You can also use total video converter to change their resolution. I totally recommend HandBrake Video converter. The only reason for my positive recommendation is that it has a spotless record of its working.

What type of experience you have about it? Did you find it amazing tool for video conversion if yes then leave a positive comment otherwise write “No”? As well as write down some reasons for your positive comment.

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Written By: Muhammad Ahmad