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What is parallax?

Parallax is an effect in which the position and direction of the object differ whenever viewed from different sides. It is an advanced effect that is used in wallpapers and other motion pictures. So, It enhances the observation of the object. It is widely used for different purposes nowadays. 3D parallax background wallpapers is a perfect app for wallpapers.

downladed version of 3d parallax background

3D parallax background wallpaper    

Undoubtedly, 3D parallax background wallpapers is an app that gives a lot of wallpapers to beautify your screens. It is the best app for sure. There is a lot that the users can avail in this app. Many different backgrounds and wallpapers make your mobile screen look better than before.

Features of 3D parallax background

  • Available for Android
  • Illusion
  • Create your own themes
  • Easy access for many themes
  • Added themes
  • Battery efficient
  • No background activity
  • Uses custom launchers
themes of 3d parallax background

Detailed view of the features

Although, there is a list of features of 3D parallax background wallpaper a few are mentioned here. Let’s have a detailed view of the library of features of 3D parallax background wallpapers:


Firstly, this app provides stunning illusions to make your screens look better. Using these illusions screen get a new look.

Create your own themes

Secondly, 3D parallax background wallpapers provide the opportunity to create your own multi-layered themes. These themes add to the beauty of the wallpapers of screens.

Easy access for many themes

Thirdly, it provides easy access to over 250 themes and still growing. This accessibility can beautify the look of the screen.

Added themes

Moreover, this app provides its users with new themes on a weekly basis. This new addition can make the collection of wallpapers more divergent.

Battery efficient

3D parallax background wallpapers is a smooth and battery efficient app. It is not like other battery stealer apps.

No background activity

Whenever App is completely closed if it is not visible; no background activity is running. So, it doesn’t affect the working of the device.

Use custom launchers

Lastly, wallpapers use custom launchers like Apex or Nova so that your wallpapers may be visible in the app drawer as well.

setting of 3d parallax background

Why use 3D parallax background wallpapers?

There are a lot of features that make this app more competitive than others. A list of key features makes it a wonderful creation. Firstly, it is something really nice. In addition, It has high-quality wallpapers. Moreover, it has a very little toll on the battery. Therefore, straightforward it is much easier to use. It is definitely a great app with superb visuals. Furthermore, the details are incredible. It has awesome parallaxes. To summarize, it has a better collection than other apps in the market.

Technical information

Developer: [email protected]

Offered by: vinwap

Size: 4.2 M


Undoubtedly, this is the absolute hands-down best app. Particularly, decent effects and great pictures! It amazingly has plenty of themes to dip your toe. It is a great app for sure. To be brief, it is one of the best customization apps so far for the motion picture is just outstanding.

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