Braina AI Virtual Assistant download latest version free


Braina AI virtual assistant download latest version free.

What is Artificial intelligence?

It is the process of making the computer smarter such as Braina. And giving it human-like qualities, it can react based on its algorithms.

For example, the most commonly used AI( artificial intelligence ) is google assistant, Siri, Cortana, and many others.


Similarly, Braina AI virtual assistant is one of the example, of artificial intelligence. It has a feature of voice recognition and human voice interface.

Indeed, it is an amazing software its AI helps us to interact with the computer through voice. 

Interface of Braina assistant

The interface of this software is user-friendly and simple. The top bar consists of multiple options. You can type your commands in the lower region of the software. Similarly, you may enter your voice through the integrated microphone button. You can also use Braina Android App to input your voice. 

Command and dictation mode

Command mode

It is the default mode of the software. A command is given to software in the form of voice. After execution, it gives replies to our command.

Dictation mode 

In dictation mode whatever you speak is converted into a written text. And it is typed in a text field. In addition, you can turn on the dictation mode by typing or speaking “dictation mode on”.

Here is a list of simple commands of Braina assistant

  • Play song
  • Play video
  • Basic arithmatic
  • Find information on <subject>
  • Define<word>
  • Search file <filename>
  • Open <program name>
  • set Alarm at<time>
  • Weather
  • notes
  • Search <term> on google
  • Turn off

Shortcuts of Briana AI assistant

It also consist of a number of shortcuts that helps the user to speed up  any process.

braina shortcuts list

Features of Braina

Braina consists of a large number of features which are as follows.


For instance, you have a lot of songs on your computer in different places. It is really difficult to search for a particular song. The AI assistant is here for you. It enables you to search and play the song by voice command. Moreover, it saves a lot of time.

Command “play <song name>”


Braina pro comes with a dictation feature you can convert your voice into text easily. You can easily fill forms write comments and perform many other operations just by speaking. It supports many other languages. For example, Filipino, Français (French), English, Española (Spanish), Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Dansk, Deutsch (German) etc.


Braina is also helpful for calculation. Similarly, it can perform basic arithmetic operations. It is also called “speaking calculation software”. While it can take the square root, divide, multiply-add and subtract also.

Braina AI speech calculator


Additionally, it can help you to create reports. It helps you to run search engines and help you to fetch your desired info.


  • search<term> on google
  • search <term > on bing
  • Who is <person name>?
  • search <term> on wikipedia


As you know that it is a powerful software. It also provide the facility of file managing, opening or opening any website etc. This makes your work easier and simpler. As a result, it saves a lot of time. 


  • open <file path>
  • open <website url>


Here, Braina comes with one more amazing feature of mouse automation. You can easily move your mouse to a desired position on the screen. This only requires x and y coordinates to move the cursor on a specified position.


  • Move mouse at <x-coordinate>,<y-coordinate>
  • Left click or click
  • Double click


In order to check the weather reports braina informs you about the weather reports. It can show latest news about any topic. Furthermore, it can show the current temperature, humidity, wind speed and min & max temperature forcast.


  • News
  • weather in <city name>


Braina Provides you the faclity of saving a startup command. The command will be executed instantly when the software is started. 

Technical Factors of Braina

  • Filename: Braina_1.45_Setup
  • Size: 28.6MB


Braina is an amazing example of Artificial intelligence. It is easy to use. Its interface is user-friendly. The software is really addictive. I just installed it tomorrow and now I am enjoying it. It makes your work easier. Now I do not have to type much. I just speak and the task is done. I suggest other to use Braina AI. Because of its amazing functions and features.  

Click on the download button to Download Braina 

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