Digital millennium copyright act (DCMA) is our primary policy to encounter any violation act and suitably react to them.

If your restrained content is published on our website or if our search engine is giving back the links of your copyrighted content and you want to remove your content then you must send a written message to us. This message should contain all the details of the info of that section in which your content is copied illegally. Please prepare for any damage if you are not taking any action against the information listed on our site that is colliding with your copyrights. To get some legal support on this matter, you must consult a lawyer for guidance.

Your claim must contain the following basis

  1. Prove an official person to act on the behalf of vendor of the particular right that is infringed
  2. Provide us with your possible contact information. And also a valid email address through which we can communicate with you whenever it is needed.
  3. You must provide the proper details of the copyrighted work that has been violated. Provide at least one term under which material is displayed in
  4. Report that, there’s reasonable trust confidence by the complaining party that complained use of content is illegal by the vendor, its manager or the law.
  5. State that, all the information provided in the notification is accurate. On behalf of the owner of the high-class right, the complaining party is lawful to oppose.
  6. It is required to hire an official person that can act on the behalf of the vendor of a particular right that is infringed.

Do send the written violation notice to the following email address

[email protected]

Wait approx 2-3 working days for a reply.