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Call Recorders

Basically, call recording soft wares are used to record calls and save them for later use. These soft wares are easily available on the internet. One can download these apps and enjoy the features of the app to record calls. Undoubtedly, Automatic Call Recorder Pro is one of the best call recording apps.

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Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic call recorder pro is an app that allows its user to record incoming and outgoing calls of contacts. Therefore, it is one of the best apps designed for recording. Indeed, it is a perfect app for call recordings, available in the Google play store. One can get this app and record the calls easily. Users can use these recordings at the time of need.


The major features of Automatic Call Recorder Pro are as follows:

  • Automatic recorder
  • Recording manager
  • Playback recordings
  • Share recordings

Detailed view of Automatic call recorder pro

Automatic call recorder

Firstly, Automatic call recorder allows you to record calls while on phone.

Recording manager

Secondly, recording manager allows you to sort or manage the recordings of phone calls.

Play back recordings

Moreover, Playback recording feature helps us to listen to the recorded and saved phone calls.

Share recordings

Significantly, this feature allows a user to share the recorded calls on different social media easily

settings of automatic call recorder pro

Default settings of Automatic call recorder

Basically, there are three default settings of automatic call recorder as stated below:

Record everything

To begin with, this feature records all the incoming and outgoing calls. No call is skipped from recording in this setting. This is the default setting of the application.

Ignore everything

This feature records the calls received from selected contacts only. All the calls received from other contacts are ignored.

Ignore contacts

Significantly, this feature of Automatic call recorder pro allows recording the calls from all contacts except the selected ones. The selected contacts are ignored from recording while all other calls are recorded.

Save on cloud

Above all, only in the pro version, it allows the recording of the calls on the cloud. In short, this feature automatically saves the calls on the cloud.

Why to use Automatic call recorded pro

Undoubtedly, a lot of apps are available in the internet market which provides the facility to record phone calls. But, it is the best call recording app for sure. Indeed, No app can beat Automatic call recorder pro in features. A library of many amazing features makes this app the most demanded one. So, a person can simply download this wonderful app. And can avail the benefits of this amazing app.

Technical information

Developer: [email protected]

Offered by: Appliqato

Size: 7.0 M

features of call recorder pro


Very nice! This app actually does what it promises to do. Everything is running very smoothly on my device. Recordings are crystal clear. And without any disturbance. There are a lot of features to explore the app. It is the best app I found on the market. It works so well with my device. That is to say, it is the best app. It is the most advanced call recording app available. So, if you are looking for the app for recording calls, you can opt for this very app. And definitely, you will never be disappointed.

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Written by: Eman Tahir